Friday, October 12, 2012

Life with kids...

Hi! We are still alive, just adjusting to 3 kids and a hubby doing his internship. It's a fun and busy life. This is going to be a quick post, the kids should be waking up from naps any minute. So if it doesn't make sense, sorry!

 Neacel has finished the soccer season, and did awesome. One game he scored 6 goals! What 3 year old does that? Mine :-) He was really into it this year and Nick taught him somethings also. He is still loving preschool, and comes home with interesting art work. He had a pumpkin patch field trip 2 weeks ago and this week we are going to Auntie Ann's Pretzels. He is pretty excited for a sugar pretzel as he calls it. Brody is talking better! We haven't started therapy yet, but he is trying really hard and I love hearing him express himself more. It's such a blessing. His favorite word is NO...spoken like a true 2 year old. I can't believe Neacel is going to be 4 next month, and in less then a month Brody will be 2. Where has time gone? Not to mention Macey is 2 months old. At her check up she weighted 11lbs 6oz and 23inches long. She is smaller then the boys were at this age, they were about 14lbs! She still wears newborn jeans, but 0-3 shirts/onesies. She has an amazing dress wardrobe and is smiling and "talking" a ton. I can't wait to hear those first giggles.

I got to go to Utah for 5 days while Nick and the boys held down the fort. It was a much needed vacation. I spent time with family and saw a few friends. Most of all, I relaxed. I read a book and started another. I slept in, I ate warm meals, and had time to do my hair and makeup each morning. Nick on the other hand got up early, dealt with 2 boys that were going nuts and still had somethings with his internship to take care of. He was exhausted by the time I got home. I'll be honest, I had a good laugh from a few phone calls. Only because I knew how he felt, I have been there.

Nick is doing great with his internship. He is in south Cleveland, so that's interesting. He is working with kids and is enjoying it I assume, he hasn't said otherwise. He will graduate in May and then we will see were life takes us....hopefully Utah!


Jessica said...

I loved this post. Sounds like you are doing well, even though you are crazy busy taking care of 3 kids! But is there anything else you'd rather be busy with? Your kids are adorable, what a cute picture! Glad to hear that Broden's talking is improving. I hope we can see you in Utah this holiday season! Oh and Colorado is better than Utah... so look for jobs here too. :)

Megan said...

I bet you would love the Columbus area! I can't imagine having to move back to Utah after living in Ohio close to family, why do you want to move back?